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Understanding the Anatomy of a Pocket Knife Blade

Delve into the intricate anatomy of a pocket knife blade with our detailed diagram. This visual guide breaks down each component, from the tip to the handle, providing insight into the design and functionality of every part.

Whether you’re a knife enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this illustration will enhance your appreciation and understanding of the sophisticated craftsmanship behind each Rothman Knife.

Exploring the External Features of a Pocket Knife

Take a closer look at the external features of a pocket knife with our comprehensive diagram. This visual exploration highlights key components like the handle, locking mechanism, and clip, offering a deeper understanding of the knife’s functionality and design.

Perfect for both seasoned collectors and newcomers, our guide helps you appreciate the precision and engineering that goes into the exterior of every Rothman Knife.

Pocket Knife Anatomy

Rustic Elegance: The Large Wrangler

A masterpiece crafted from the finest Baker Copper Mai steel, known for its exceptional strength and durability. This knife features integral liners that enhance its sturdiness, making it a reliable tool for any task. The handle, crafted from genuine stag, not only provides a comfortable grip but also adds an element of rustic elegance to the knife. This combination of materials and craftsmanship results in a knife that is not only a functional tool but also a work of art, reflecting the pinnacle of knife-making excellence. Perfect for the outdoorsman who appreciates the blend of tradition and innovation, this Large Wrangler Knife is a testament to the enduring quality and aesthetic appeal of custom craftsmanship.
Gerardo R.

A Modern Tribute to the Remington 1306 Lockback

Meticulously crafted from CPM154 stainless steel for unparalleled edge retention and corrosion resistance. This version elevates the iconic design with integral bolsters, seamlessly blending durability with a sleek, modern aesthetic. The handle, adorned with premium stag, offers a nod to tradition, providing both exceptional grip and timeless beauty. This knife is a perfect fusion of form and function, designed for those who seek a reliable companion that stands out in both performance and craftsmanship. Ideal for collectors and enthusiasts alike, our take on the Remington 1306 Lockback is a tribute to the legacy of precision knife-making.
Jason K.

Refined Edge: The Gentleman’s Trapper Clip Point

The pinnacle of elegance and functionality: The Gentleman’s Trapper Clip Point. This exquisite knife features a blade and spring made from CPM-154 stainless steel, renowned for its superior edge retention and corrosion resistance. The amber jigged bone handle adds a touch of classic sophistication, making it a distinguished choice for the discerning gentleman. Whether for everyday carry or as a standout piece in a collection, this knife melds timeless style with modern precision. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life, it’s not just a tool, but a statement of refinement and a tribute to traditional craftsmanship reimagined for the contemporary connoisseur.
Joe C.

Elegance in Shadow: The Tiffany G10 Gentleman’s Trapper

The perfect example of sophistication with our Gentleman’s Trapper in the Wharncliffe Shadow pattern. Crafted with precision, this knife boasts a CPM-154 blade and spring, offering unmatched durability and edge retention. The striking Tiffany-colored G10 handle sets a new standard for elegance, complemented by a meticulously designed shield pivot that adds a unique character to its sleek profile. Ideal for the gentleman who values both form and function, this knife is a testament to refined taste and engineering excellence. It embodies a perfect blend of modern innovation and timeless design, making it an essential addition to any discerning collector’s arsenal.
Joe C

Compact Power: The Green Dino Mini

A compact powerhouse designed for those who demand both functionality and style in a smaller package. Featuring a robust CPM-154 blade and spring for exceptional durability and sharpness, this knife is engineered to handle tasks with precision. The handle is crafted from green dyed box elder burl, providing not only a stunning visual appeal with its unique patterns and vibrant color but also a comfortable grip for extended use. Ideal for everyday carry, the Green Dino Mini is a testament to the fusion of artisan craftsmanship and practical design. It’s the perfect companion for the adventurer who appreciates beauty in the details and refuses to compromise on performance.
Joe C
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